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By Tom Meek | January 15, 2000

Yet another “Alien” clone. Angela Bassett is the tough-as-nails chick – a la Sigourney – and James Spader is the resourceful captain, but neither of them can save this galaxy quest gone amuck. The duo and the rest of their buff, good-looking crew engage in sex games as foreplay to a deep space rescue mission. The imperiled victim (Peter Facinelli) isn’t so endangered when they pick him up from a deserted mining planet. That raises questions; there’s a strange alien object and as the crew repairs their beat up vessel, the ranks begin to diminish in grisly fashion. Walter Hill signed on and off as director and Francis Ford Coppola (under the name of Thomas Lee?) reportedly stepped in. If that isn’t enough of a horrific omen, just remember in space no one can hear you scream, but in a theater your audience mates will.

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