An elderly man takes a seat next to an old oak tree where he reminisces about the good old days. Today’s daydream features a childhood adventure he shared with a dear friend of his as they attempted to create a time machine. It’s kinda like if Doc Brown were a Little Rascal.

Eric Towner shows that he’s not just a one note filmmaker as this film is vastly different than his stop-motion short Paper Cut, which shows a clay animated character being impaled by a giant penis. “Sunday Paper p. 2b” is quite a bit gentler in tone, a touching live action short boasting amazing cinematography that helps pull the viewer into its dreamy quality. This is a great looking film and a wonderful way to spend twelve minutes.

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  1. dan Berns says:

    How can I get a DVd of Sunday Paper P. 2B?: I thought it was an ecellent film and a colleague here at the Academy wants to see it as well.


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