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By Mark Bell | January 19, 2007

I’d like to say, right now, that anything anyone else may say about me is exaggerated nonsense… unless what you hear impresses you, in which case it’s all true. That being said…

To repeat Zack’s story somewhat, I too do feel he was hassled at the airport for no good reason. I did have enough electrical machinery and cables on me to make people pause, but Zack had an Apple laptop so… what’re you supposed to do. It did give me time to put my shoes on post security check, and from what I can tell Zack is barely hobbling from the cavity check, so it wasn’t ALL bad.

Last night was pretty tame all around. The Opening Night film, “Chicago 10,” got its play, and we had ourselves a nice Happy Hour at the Airborne Lounge, complete with Stella Artois and Jordan’s Wine. Nice way to ease into the festival, lots of familiar, friendly faces in the press HQ and then the happy hour (Jeff “Creative Screenwriting” Goldsmith, John Esther, a Zellner sighting, John Bernstein, and many, many more)… and I rocked the Eagles hat. Seriously, pics will be coming eventually, but in the meantime, take my word for it: it’s awesome, making me awesome.

Today is when the festival really starts for us Film Threat’ers, as the press screenings (and ultimately reviews) will be coming fast and furious, so keep checking us daily to find out what we think about all the films playing the festival because we’re on proper pace and scheduling to cover them all, “like we always do about this time…”

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  1. Gigi says:

    I forgot about the blogs! I was wondering why you guys weren’t saying anything! DUH!
    Thanks for the info…really appreciate it!

  2. Mr B Natural says:

    That is a completly kick-a*s hat.

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