The Sundance Institute announced the Audience Winners for the second annual Sundance Online Film Festival. For the first time, a winner was chosen for each of the three categories of the SOFF – New Forms, Live Action and Animation. CARNY TALES, directed by Scott Smith was selected for the New Forms Category, GUERRILLA NEWS NETWORK: CRACK THE CIA, directed by Stephen Marshall was chosen for the Live Action category, and KARMA GHOST, directed by Billy Blob was the winner of the Animation category. Online viewers were to vote for the films over December 20, 2001 – January 17, 2002.
KARMA GHOST is a darkly comical story about the cumulative effects of bad karma. GUERRILLA NEWS NETWORK: CRACK THE CIA provocatively sheds light on the covert history of CIA drug smuggling Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles. CARNY TALES is a 360-degree interactive short about a group of gangsters who kidnap a clairvoyant from a carnival to summon a dead mobster in order to find a double-crosser in their ranks.
The Animation category consists of films that showcase various animation techniques including flash animation, and computer graphics. The Live Action category includes films utilizing action and digital technology to create unique stories. The New Forms category features films pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and presentation.
Visit the Sundance Online Film Festival web site to get a look at the award-winning films.
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