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In keeping with the Sundance Institute’s tradition of supporting emerging artists, the Sundance Online Film Festival showcases a selection of new work designed specifically for the web. Twenty-one projects are being presented for the 2nd annual Sundance Online Film Festival, featuring animation, live-action, documentary, interactive, new form and selected shorts from the Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program. The online event, sponsored by AtomFilms, will run December 20-January 20, 2002.
During the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT (January 10-20, 2002), the participating films will be highlighted in the Digital Center at the Main Street Mall lower level. Film festival participants can view the new works developed for the Internet in the Zenith Theater located at the Digital Center.
As part of a special showcase, selected works of animation from the Online Film Festival will screen on January 15 and January 19 at the Sundance Film Festival Animation Spotlight: Online on Screen. The screening will be a compilation of the online animated works shown on a big screen and will feature a Q&A with the filmmakers.
Online Festival viewers are encouraged to submit ratings for their favorite entries, and their participation will determine the winner of the Sundance Online Film Festival Viewer’s Award, which will be announced January 17, 2002 during the Online Film Festival Party at the Legacy Lodge in Park City. Awards will also be given to a film from each category: Animation, Live Action, and New Forms.
The Animation category highlights films that utilize various animation techniques including flash animation, and computer graphics. The Live-Action category includes films that use primarily live action and digital technology to create unique stories. The New Forms category features films that push the boundaries of filmmaking and presentation.
The Live Action section includes A BIG ISSUE, directed by Sara Mast; GUERILLA NEWS NETWORK (3 episodes: “The War Conspiracy”, “When the Smoke Clearz”, “Crack the CIA”), directed by Stephen Marshall; MURMUR, directed by Virgil Wong and Andrea Kleine; INSIDE, directed by Tom Flemming; DOCUMENTING THE FACE OF AMERICA, directed by Jeanine Isabel Butler and Alastair Reilly; BEHIND THE STARTUP: ICE VAN.COM, directed by Kal Deutsch and Sharon Zezima.
The Animation section showcases GINA & TL (1 episode: “Singapore Airlines”), directed by Geoff Farr; ADD BOILING WATER, directed by Motomichi Nakamura; BRAINGIRL (3 episodes: “Fishing”, “Eye Test”, and “Braingirl’s Brain”), directed by Marina Zurkow; GOLDEN BOY, directed by Bill Cahalan; PLACES, directed by Kinya Hanada; BETWEEN, directed by Tom Flemming;, TWIN KILLING, directed by Chris Ferrantello; KARMA GHOST, directed by Billy Blob; JULIUS AND FRIENDS (Episode 1: “Yeti, Set, Go”), directed by Paul Frank; GONE BAD (“Episode 2”), directed by Marco Bertoldo.
The New Forms section features PRIVILEGE, directed by Jay Murphy and Isabelle Sigal; MORE-INC., directed by Wesley Meyer; FOSSIL, directed by Brian McClave; CARNY TALES, directed by Scott Smith; 360 DEGREES.ORG, directed by Sue Johnson and Alison Corn.
Visit the at Sundance Online Film Festival web site and get a glimpse at these groundbreaking films.
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