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By Film Threat Staff | June 20, 2002

Throughout the month of June, the Sundance Channel is featuring the films of French director Francois Ozon:
In his classic “See the Sea,” Ozon not only mimics Hitchcock’s suspense, but brings out the latent homo-eroticism in those classic thrillers. In his gender-bending romp “Water Drops on Burning Rocks,” Ozon out-camps Fassbinder. And in “Criminal Lovers,” Ozon revisits the childhood imagination of Disney and Cocteau and finds a world savage enough to befit any of Grimm’s fairy tales. However stylish, Ozon’s films are also a completely new experience from one to the next. As he points out, “Each time I want to make a film, I have to have a challenge, I have to be excited by the story, the way to make the film. It is true each time there is a different style, because I like to experiment with things.”.
The Sundance Channel plans to air Ozon’s films repeatedly throughout the month, so check in at the official website for all air dates and a complete Ozon biography and filmography.

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