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By Mark Bell | January 18, 2008

The reports from the many text messages I’ve been getting here at the condo are that Main Street is out of power. No doubt all those insane parties finally took their toll.

I, however, am safely back at the warm, heated condo that did not lose its power. Still, part of me wonders if there’s a full-blown riot going that I’m missing out on (first Friday of Sundance and NO PARTIES! The meatheads will revolt!).

I blame Paris Hilton. For serious.

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  1. Linda Nelson says:

    We had a party for “Skid Row” at Celsius on Main Street. It’s a great club located in the basement of the building. You can imagine how crazy it when the lights go out in a crowed club. The party started at 10:00 and just as the club filled, all of Main Street went dark. Everyone runs out to the street, waits for the lights to come back on and then go back inside. Ten minutes later it goes dark again! Not fun, especially when it’s close to zero outside. As you can imagine, a lot of people went home, but the hardcore pary people rallied and partied on.

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