By Admin | September 1, 2003

Another summer, another season of misery in the movie theaters. However, despite the s**t list we’ve provided you here, this summer turned out to be way more entertaining than the summers of several years past. Pirates of the Caribbean proved that a theme park attraction could be made into a good movie; X2 pumped the “X-Men” series of films up there with the stature of the original “Star Wars” trilogy; Freddy finally tangled with Jason; love it or hate it, The Hulk turned out to be one of the strangest, big-budget comic book films ever made; and even though some of us here at Film Threat HQ didn’t like it, many thought that Terminator 3 proved to be a worthy addition to the series.

What follows are the major studio releases that caused us the most stomach distress. These are the movies that made many of us start up smoking again, just so we had an excuse to vacate the theater every ten minutes. So without further delay, here they are, the top 15 worst films of summer 2003, listed from bad to worse to full blown hate!

Get stinky in part two of SUMMER OF STINK 2003>>>

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