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By Eric Campos | April 8, 2004

Way back when I first started writing for Film Threat, there was a movie that so knocked me on my a*s that, after seeing hundreds of indies later, it still sticks in my mind as one of the more powerful viewing experiences I’ve had while being involved with the website.
That film is Final and its depiction of suicide is so in your face brutally realistic that you’d swear it was indeed the real thing. In the film, a twisted couple make themselves available for the taping of suicides. Those who want their last few moments captured on video contact the couple through their website and they show up with camera in hand. So basically, the entire film is made up of various suicides, each unique from the rest, the plot of the film moved along by the couple being pulled further and further into their grisly hobby due to their undying dedication. It’s not an easy film to sit through and it certainly isn’t one easily forgotten.
I’d hate for this film to disappear without it ever getting its proper due, even though it is for a very select audience, so it’s with great relief that Troma has released this uncensored director’s cut DVD of Final, now with the unfortunate title of “Suicide.” Actual special features that have anything to do with the film are few – a somewhat interesting running commentary and some deleted scenes that definitely deserved to be deleted – but the real special feature here is that this film has actually made its way to U.S. video shelves in the first place. A salute to Troma for that one.

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