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By Film Threat Staff | May 11, 2004

SUBVERSIVE CINEMA, created by former Anchor Bay DVD producer Norman Hill, partnered with the co-owner of Scarecrow Video and executive producer for Jeff Liberman’s new film “Satan’s Little Helper”, one of our favorite Asian online retailers Poker Industries, and Saiko Films, unleashes more Asian horror with four DVD/theatrical releases for 2004/2005 including:

Fujii Shugo’s “Living Hell”, a global fan favorite, favorably compared to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and “Evil Dead 2”. Loaded with extras, this DVD is set for release on July 27th.
Yudai Yumaguchi’s “Battlefield Baseball”. The screenwriter of Ryuhei Kitamura’s “Versus” and “Alive” comes into his own in this crazed debut, a high-school kung-fu baseball action musical adventure zombie horror comedy,
complete with chainsaws, flying corpses, and some mean-looking excuses for baseball bats.

Matt Cimber’s “The Witch Who Came from the Sea”, the boldly infamous child rape/adult castration revenge epic starring Academy Award nominee Millie Perkins.

Shinya Tsukamoto’s “Gemini”. From the director of “Tetsuo” and “Tokyo Fist,” comes a tale of class rivalry, shaven eyebrows, and a lonely time in a deep dark well. This edition includes the “Making Of” documentary directed by Takeshi Miike (“Audition”, “Ichi the Killer”).

For more info, visit the Subversive Cinema website.

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