The 7th Annual Santa Clarita Film Festival, which will begin its run on [ March 9th ] and finish up on [ March 16th, 2001 ] , bills itself as a festival that aims to “promote family-suitable films of all genres that express a fundamental repsect for the positive values of life.” That mission alone might actually make them more alternative than any self-described alternative fest, and they’re accepting all feature and short submissions until [ January 19th, 2001 ] . And they welcome student films as well as works from more experienced filmmakers.
If you’re thinking that you don’t have anything “family-suitable” enough, then you’ve got another option. The Santa Clarita Film Festival is also accepting screenplays for competition until [ January 12th, 2001 ] . So keep junior and Mom in mind, and get writing or filming.
For all entry fee information and Festival coverage, see the [ the Santa Clarita Film Festival site ] Or, call [ (661) 257-3131 ] to receive an official entry form.

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