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By Film Threat Staff | January 18, 2001

The first-ever Dahlonega International Film Festival will break out with an inaugural run from [ June 24th ] through [ June 27th, 2001 ] . But this ambitious fringe fest has plans to see their gathering grow into a five, then seven, and finally 11-day full-fledged circuit mainstay. Dahlonega has announced their official call for entries, and all films must be recieved between [ February 1st and March 31st, 2001 ] , with the exception of pieces for the April Films category, which must arrive by [ April 31st, 2001 ] .
Dahlonega (pronounced: doll-LAWN-eh-ga) happens to be a Cherokee word for “The yellow rock that is so important to the white man but meaningless to us.” — the perfect enigmatic symbol for this upstart gathering.
To see the initial steps of the DIFF, and to check out the detailed submission information, go to [ the Dahlonega Festival website. ]

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