By Chris Gore | December 13, 1999

“From the co-director of The Lion King” comes this lightweight tale of a mouse adopted into a human family. Based on the series of children’s books by E.B. White, this simple story features amazing computer effects to render Stuart and a story that will bore anyone over the age of ten.
Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie (who looks as if he were lifted directly from a children’s book) want to adopt a little brother so that their son will not be lonely. The couple happen upon the little talking mouse at an orphanage and bring Stuart, voiced by Michæl J. Fox, home to meet his new brother played by Jonathan Lipnicki, the smartass kid from “Jerry Maguire.” The two do not immediately bond, but we know that won’t take long. The family cat Snowbell, voiced by Nathan Lane, has other plans. Like killing Stuart. Snowbell enlists the aid of some badass alley cats to off Stuart and you can pretty much use any scriptwriting program to predict the rest.
While the film is geared more toward the single digit-aged set, I’d rather watch this digital mouse and his antics than a digital Jar Jar anyday.

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