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By Doug Brunell | November 28, 2009

I will admit to being pleasantly surprised by this “romantic comedy,” through this film is hardly typical of the genre. Going in thinking I would hate it, I was dead wrong. “Strictly Sexual” is nothing great, but is something you can watch with your significant other and not feel like your testicles have shriveled away.

This film opens with a bang. Donna (Amber Benson of “Buffy” fame) is watching a porn. She has tied herself up and is masturbating when everything goes wrong. This practicing screenwriter then convinces her fashion designer roommate, Christi (an incredible Kristen Kerr), that they need to hire some male prostitutes to take care of their carnal desires. Enter Stanny (writer Stevie Long), an a*****e who goes out of his way to be such; and his best friend, Joe (Johann Urb), a slightly dim bulb who is laid back and actually listens to women. These two unemployed construction workers become the women’s hired dicks, so to speak. And since this is a romantic comedy, you know where things are going, but it is fun getting there.

Males who are reading this won’t be swayed by the plot I just described, so let me toss out some more info. In addition to getting to watch Kerr dominate the screen, you also get a teen bondage sex scene, Kerr losing her anal virginity, a public bj scene, and more. Sold yet? You should be.

Of the four leads, Kerr is the one who stands out the most. She plays a sexually inexperienced woman who wants to hone her craft. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but her vulnerability is what makes this character shine. When she is hurt, you can see it without her having to go overboard. When she’s good she really shines. Benson is a fine actress in her role, too, but Kerr puts them all to shame, and she will appeal to viewers of both genders.

If you avoid romantic comedies like you would a spastic proctologist, let this be the exception to the rule. It is far better than you would think, and how many films can you honestly say that about … of this genre? Thought so.

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