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By Christopher Curry | March 9, 2005

“Story of a Junkie” follows the real-life drug-addled John Spacely as he worms his way through New York City’s filthiest gutters, trash heaps and sewers in search of his next heroin fix. Director Kowakski seamlessly weaves fact with fiction to successfully build a cinematic experience that is as close to the day to day life of a junkie as most will ever want to see. It is subversive and darkly poetic in a harrowing manner that lends itself perfectly to its nightmarish course of study. Occasionally, ‘Junkie’ is sad, even pathetic; and then at other times it is oddly amusing. The near unending parade of graphic images that careen across the screen for its 78 minute duration leaves viewers’ nerves stripped red and raw. Spacely mainlines time after time with the camera kept unflinchingly tight on the action, leaving one to believe that the director had some major issues to exorcize by way of his chosen subject. Whether or not director Kowakski found a conclusion to his plight is unknown but what is known is that John Spacely died shortly after the filming of ‘Junkie’ was completed.

This Troma DVD contains a bevy of extras that include: Audio commentary by the film’s director, theatrical trailers, tons of sneak previews and even a music video by the death metal act Entombed.

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