By Admin | March 10, 2004

Amir Motlagh doesn’t make your standard film. His shorts are full of introspection and some of the less glamorous moments of life. More often than not, they fail more than succeed. “Still Lover” is a bit of a switch, however, and it is possibly his best movie to date.
This short film is nothing more than narration over some photographs of a woman (most likely Brie Anne Harris, who is given a “special thanks” in what should be the credits) while music reminiscent of the French improvisational band Massacre plays in the background. The narrator talks about how he saw this girl and fell in love with her immediately. He talks about wanting to go down on her and how he can’t let her into his world. It’s something we can all relate to, and it comes across as honest and maybe a little painful. Top it off with photographs that look like they were taken by a peeping tom, and you have a fairly effective movie.
This isn’t as dark as Motlagh’s other films, but it is more human. It’s also highly artistic, which is something Motlagh always delivers well. Like his films or not, he is a filmmaker to watch, and this is one more step in the right direction.

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