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By Chase Whale | November 6, 2012

Still Life is a cute coming-of-age story about a young photographer. His name is Martin (Tim Bonavita) and he has lived and breathed photography every since he first picked up a Polaroid camera when he was a young boy. He’s now taking photography classes in college, showing off work that he’s very proud of.

It appears that Martin hasn’t had many criticisms in his life, however, as despite his solid arguments on why the photos looks the way they do, he does not take constructive criticism well. Martin isn’t used to people telling him that the photos he has poured his heart into “could have been better if you did this or that.” He’s not a quitter, so one day he’ll learn to use these critiques to his advantage.

Still Life has the quality of a student film – just learning how to put together a story on film. There are some audio issues and the story is as clichéd as a coming-of-age story can be. Still, it is cute, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Like the fictional character of Martin, Still Life’s writer/director Chris Esper has a vision but may need more experience, and more trial-and-error, to grow into the kind of filmmaker it appears that he wants to be.

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