By admin | July 16, 2003

The first thing that popped into my mind after watching “Still” was “What was the point of that?” It was a bit unsettling at times, and I couldn’t really see where the story was going, but once it reached its conclusion … well, I was a little less than satisfied.
What do you do when you find out your neighbors are harboring a dreadful secret? That’s the plight put upon Tom (Karl J. Morris) and his stunning wife, Mary (Alaina Kalanj). I find it best to never get involved in other people’s lives as it leads to many problems. Tom and Mary don’t feel the same way, though. They get some new neighbors — Mark (Denton B. Everett) and his pregnant wife, Helen (August Frizzell) — and decide to introduce themselves and invite the couple to dinner. Of course, Mary wants to know all about the baby, and once it is born the prying couple does the usual ritual of bringing a gift over to the house and asking to see the new addition to the family.
These actions are typical of people. Everybody wants to celebrate a birth, and people really seem to enjoy meeting the new folks next door. I tend to stay away from that sort of thing, though, because other people’s problems suddenly become yours. Without giving away this film’s ending, I have to say Helen and Mark have a little secret that quickly becomes a burden to Tom and Mary, and that’s where the film ends. No resolution. No trying to fix it. Nope. Viewers are left with the idea that things aren’t going to be set right any time soon, and that’s just wrong. I want to know how this problem is dealt with, and I want to know what will happen to the new neighbors.
This review may not be making sense to those who haven’t seen the film. That’s because I am not at liberty to give away a huge plot point. If it sounds intriguing, however, I recommend you find yourself a copy of this short flick. Just don’t get pissed at me when you reach the credits and realize there is a hell of lot more of this story to be told.

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