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By Sarah Postle | July 19, 2003

After breaking into the entertainment industry in 1992 through modeling and soon after music videos, Scream Queen Stephanie Beaton got her big break with the 1995 film “Unnaturally Born Killer.” It was her scream in the audition that landed her the role and jump-started her career in horror movies. Since then her credits include roles in more than 25 films, 10 television programs, and eight commercials. Her most recent endeavors include starting her own production company, Silver Moon Productions, script writing, and starring in films such as “The Bagman” (from Silver Moon Productions), “Quarantine” and “Bikini Planet.”

Factors that have drawn her to work in the B-movie genre are her love for both the classic horror style and gore. She looks forward to playing the role of a serial killer-suspense mixed with some vicious killings is a key element that draws her to the script.

Though she’s loved horror from an early age, growing up in Alliance, Ohio, didn’t present many opportunities to develop an acting career. Beaton planned to pursue a career in veterinary medicine until she moved to California at the age of 14. In high school she began taking drama classes and graduated from high school with honors. After majoring in dramatic arts in college, she moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to take professional classes to develop her craft.

Despite her dramatic image, Beaton describes herself as old-fashioned and romantic-loving candlelit dinners and red roses, and even believing in love at first sight. Though she’s been out of her hometown for years, the small-town values of courtesy and respect guide her life. LA has yet to corrupt this B-movie temptress.

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