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By Admin | April 18, 2001

Some people argue that true horror movies have suspense-based plots rather than gore-based plots. So do you like creepy or bloody horror films? What do you think? ^ I agree with you there that films where you don’t see anything and only hear what is going on or what had happened are pretty scary because you use your OWN mind to create the vision of what happened and nothing is given to you. But not all blood and guts in films are bad. Some are pretty shocking and have the jump moments in the film and that’s what makes it good. But you don’t have to see the actual killings, but to know what has happened is more frightening. Look at “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, there wasn’t any blood other then when Leatherface cut her hand and that film was horrifying.
What do you think about horror movie clichés? Do you ever get sick of them? I mean, we all know the hot chick shouldn’t answer the door because the killer is waiting for her. ^ You know, those elements I like. We all know by now what is going to happen but yet we all still keep going back for more. So, I don’t think they are cheesy. In fact I like it. It’s so overplayed, it’s cool. What I find cheesy are horrible films, bad actors and lots of T & A.
What has kept you doing roles in horror films? ^ Well it’s not a choice. I mean, it’s a typical Hollywood thing. Why does Arnold Schwarzenegger do so many action flicks? Same thing, type cast. I have done other things besides horror such as music videos, two films for NBC, a film for USA Network, comedies and suspense. But yes mainly it’s horror. It happens that way because when I appear in the horror magazines, more directors see you then want you for their horror film and the cycle goes on and on. I enjoy them and I certainly don’t mind doing them. I could say no to the directors and things but you know something, I have met some of the greatest people along the way who make these types of films.
How do you act so damn scared on camera? Care to spill any scream queen acting secrets? ^ Actually fear is one of the easiest things to play. And to be honest with you, I have no motivation. I mean, if something or someone is going to kill you and if you are into your character, then you become that person and it just happens. Acting is becoming someone else and its simplicity.
Have you ever worked on projects you didn’t want to just because it paid? ^ No, I can’t say that I never wanted to do a role. I read all scripts prior to agreeing on the film. If I don’t want to do it, then it’s a no. And I do have a set fee and if people can’t make that set fee I have to then pass it up. There have been times when I loved a script so much and I knew that money was an issue with them but I came down on my price and acted in their film.
When you were first breaking into the business, how often did you audition and how did you prepare? ^ Wow. I remember back then and it was hard. I auditioned quite a bit but for more modeling than acting. I had an agent that was geared for modeling instead of acting. I like to get the sides for the scene for the audition ahead of time but that’s not always possible. I do know I hate auditions and I am such a nervous wreck. Thank god now days, most films come to me and I don’t have to go thru that process anymore. But I still have to audition for the big films. I auditioned for a Ron Howard film and a Mickey Rourke film.
What was your worst audition experience? ^ My worst one was this audition in Long Beach. They made you fill out this form, like a psychology tests asking you questions about Pres. Clinton and Monica Lewinski and stuff like that. Like what would you do? This had nothing to do with the audition. They also wanted me to read Macbeth and never told ahead of time. Needless to say in the midst of me reading this ridiculous book, I screamed, “F**k this” and threw the book to the floor. ^ There was no way I was going to continue with something I hate anyways and never have done Shakespeare and never will and go on looking like a fool. ^ And I was upset because of this 3-page exam given in the waiting room. It was bad.
Has anyone ever offered you a role in return for a trip to the casting couch? ^You know I have pretty much stayed away from that and about 3 months ago it happened in a round about way. I met with this actor/producer and he of course did not have the script with him but you had to go to his office. It was daytime; he was all right, no funny stuff at this point. Well once there I did get the script and was looking it over, he suddenly says to me, “Oh let’s go get a shower”, come on.” I said what, and he repeated himself. I hit him and he lifted the script up and took it back and told me “he needed a real woman and not a child “. I was sooooo shocked. I mean it was horrible. It’s upsetting to have that happen. I wonder if that film will ever get made or is it just a ploy. This actor has been around for years in films such as “The Longest Yard” and “the X-Files”. ^ If that film ever did get made, I can only look at the actress and say, I know what she did to get that part! Hahahhahahaha
I’ve heard that everyone in Hollywood is fake and it’s impossible to have a successful relationship. What has been your experience — are all Hollywood romances destined to fail? ^ Well, Hollywood is pretty hard. In fact, California is hard to have a relationship let alone Hollywood. They are not destined to fail as long as the person is not an ego manic or the work is more important then the other person and its hard to find someone.
When you are out and about do many people recognize you and approach you? How do you deal with that? ^ Yeah I do get that. I don’t freak out. I like it actually. So I don’t mind at all.
If you had to give up your career in the entertainment industry, what new profession would you want to get into? ^ Wow. I have three I would choose. First would be work in veterinary medicine, second would be work in forensic science dealing with homicide, and third would be in the funeral business.
Were your family and friends supportive of your move to Los Angeles to become an actress? ^ My mother is very supportive and right behind me every step of the way. My Dad is thrilled to see what I have become and I have shocked everyone else! ^ Hahhaha.
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