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By Film Threat Staff | October 1, 2002

It’s October 1st, so that means it’s officially time to start celebrating Halloween! Forget that one day garbage, Halloween is to be celebrated all month long. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started stuffing Halloween candy in your face, visiting the local spook houses and running horror films on your television 24/7. Hell, if you have the balls, you’ll even start trick or treating…tonight!
For those of you that need help running your own Halloween horror film festival, Starz Encore and the Sundance Channel have got you covered.
On October 3rd, Starz Encore will premiere their new episode of “The Directors Series” on Tim Burton. October 30th – 31st, Starz Mystery will present a 36-hour “scare-a-thon” featuring such horror classics as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead and Friday the 13th.
On Halloween night, the Sundance Channel will show Higuchinsky’s “Spiral” (Uzumaki) and Hideo Nakata’s “Ghost Actress” (“Joyurei”).
For more information, visit the Starz and Sundance Channel websites.

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