It was hidden so well, no one has yet been able to find the hidden easter egg in the Film Threat/Indie DVD release of Starwoids. The hidden easter egg consists of a photo-essay which provides plans to turn an average automobile into an X-Wing car. Yeah, it’s really cool. Here’s how to find the hidden plans: ^ – From the MAIN MENU, go to the EXTRAS page ^ – From the EXTRAS page, go to BIOGRAPHIES ^ – On the BIOGRAPHIES page, highlight the name KATIE HORN (she’s known as the ROGUE SQUADRON LEADER) ^ – On KATIE HORN’S BIOGRAPHY page, press UP and then PLAY ^ – You found the easter egg! You will be treated to a photo-essay detailing precisely how Katie took her lame old auto and turned it into a mean X-Wing Car. It’s really cool!
This is truly the must-have DVD for any Star Wars fan, but, hey, don’t take our word for it. You can’t trust what we say about our own DVD release. However, consider that director Kevin Smith loved it enough to provide narration and an interview for the film that can be seen on the extras of the DVD. And ultimate Star Wars fan site TheForce.net called Starwoids “The best documentary on the Episode I experience.” You may require more proof as to the quality of this indie documentary, so don’t listen to us, hear the words of other critics. Here are just some of the reviews of the Starwoids DVD from other sites:
“For an indie release this is quite a solid disc. A worthy buy for any SW fan.” ^ – Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons
“Like Trekkies, this is an affectionate and respectful look at an enthusiastic fan base. Any Star Wars fan – and a few of you are out there – will enjoy this DVD. Anyone interested in the phenomenon of Star Wars fandom will have an equally good time. Recommended.” ^ – DVD File
“I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was very sensible, to the point, and well done.” ^ – JediNet
“Starwoids is a must spin for film buffs, Star Wars fans or anyone who ever stood in line for a movie – and you know who you are! Plus, I’ve met filmmaker Dennis Przywara a couple of times now, and he’s a heckuva good guy. How’s that for a good old-fashioned, Midwestern testimonial? Watch his movie – you’ll be glad you did.” ^ – The Digital Bits
“The DVD is a very nice presentation which offers the low-tech film with fine audio/video quality and some solid extras. Recommended for ‘Star Wars’ fans.” ^ – DVD Talk
“If you have ever been a fan of the Star Wars series, this DVD is a must have addition to your collection. Hands down, the best extra on the DVD is an interview with Kevin Smith about how Star Wars influenced him.” ^ – Locker Gnome
“Fans of the Star Wars universe should have a great time with this well-made and very entertaining documentary.” ^ – Apollo Guide
“If you want an in-depth look at the fanaticism that surrounds Star Wars, look no further than Starwoids.” Grade A ^ – Digitally Obsessed
To purchase your own copy of Starwoids and support indie filmmakers, visit the Indie DVD site.

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