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By Mark Bell | October 2, 2007

I’m not sure if many people realize it, but Film Threat is a film site constantly under development (in that good way). Day in and day out we work behind the scenes to improve upon the Film Threat that was to bring you the Film Threat that is (to speak tech jargon, what you’re reading now is probably a bit of version FT 10.256). We actually read the emails that get sent to us via our Support Form, and we strive to act upon the suggestions our audience gives.

In recent months, we’ve upgraded the servers running the site, implemented a nice, simple comment system (allowing you to let your voice be heard immediately on-point with whatever topic you feel like reacting to) and made various other, smaller tweaks to make the overall Film Threat experience a quality one. We’ve got some more great developments coming as 2007 closes out, but we’ve also just released our latest version change. Want to hear about it?

When I wake up in the morning (do I sleep?), I do my movie site reading round-up. What was once an exercise in opening site after site was made more efficient with the creation of RSS newsfeeds. Now, instead of opening those numerous sites, I just go to my own personal feed reader and scan the headlines, then decide whether to make that full story navigational leap. Well, my friends, this morning habit inspired a new idea: Film Threat as Movie News Hub and Feed Reader!

So take a look on the frontpage of Film Threat right now, and on the middle-left side you’ll see a box entitled “headlines,” which contains a drop-down box that should, upon loading the site, read “Film Threat” and be followed by the latest Film Threat news headlines. From there, go ahead and click on that drop-down box and you’ll see a list of the best and brightest film sites available on the internet. Select one, and you’ll be treated to the latest headlines for that site. In other words, from Film Threat, you now can navigate and see what other news exists and then read it, if you’d like.

Listen, we’re not so naive as to think that our audience only reads Film Threat, nor do we only do it ourselves. Being a film geek is to learn, and find, anything you can about the films you love, and we want to help you do that. Start your navigation with Film Threat, and go anywhere you’d like. Just let us help you do it more efficiently.

As this is the initial launch of Film Threat’s News Hub feature, we know there’s room for improvement, and we’re looking for your feedback. Comment below, or send us an email, and let us know what you think of the new feature, what else you’d like to see and perhaps any sites you feel we left out, and should include. Let us know.

And the development continues. We’ve got some pretty major changes coming down the line by the end of 2007, and you’re going to hear me jabber about them as they happen, so keep reading!

– Mark Bell, Editor-and-RSS-Lover

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