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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 25, 2004

With all of the advanced technology aboard the Death Star, the TIE fighters, the ability to blow up offending planets, you’d think the heads of the entire operation would have worked on hiring people trained to operate all aspects of the Rebel Force’s destruction fantasy. But then it must be remembered that someone forgot to take a look at that little weakness that caused it all to go bye-bye faster than a landspeeder (pick a type, any type).

Mike Kane, finally tapping into a good idea for a fanfilm, understands this well and considers the possibility of the Death Star having a help desk. Stormtrooper TK-2588 is one of the many employees of this section of the Death Star, helping out others who have problems with some of the system. Of course, many of the calls that are fielded come from people with the ID10T error, and don’t seem to have the common sense to figure out such easy matters on their own, such as the one fellow whose console lights are not on, until 2588 helps him realize that he didn’t actually turn on the console. Kane also covers the Star Trek base with a call from Picard about his Earl Grey tea.

Chris Angeles voices and also plays TK-2588 with much enthusiasm and with the frustration that comes with working at a help desk. And wait until the moment when George Lucas makes a call to the Death Star! That’s the best moment out of this entire short. Plus, the opening narration by Kane’s wife, Shirley, shows that she might have a career voicing sci-fi computers and narrating shorts like this one. Who wouldn’t want a voice like that on a computer advising you on what you should do? Outside of that, “Star Wars Help Desk” is a good fan film, opening up a hitherto unconsidered part of Star Wars lore. It may not exist in the actual films, but I’m glad it exists here.

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