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By Admin | July 15, 2003

So reports are coming in that George Lucas is trying to tie “Episode III” to “Episode IV” through…haircuts. Yes, haircuts are the glue that many disgruntled Star Wars fans (those that aren’t still in denial) have been looking for to help them attach the prequels to the films that we’ve all known and loved as the REAL Star Wars films.

Apparently, the characters in “Episode III” will all be sporting the shaggy 70s hairdos of the likes of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in “Episode IV,” so that there isn’t any kind of lapse in continuity.

It’s great that George is dealing with this issue by hiring hairdressers to come in and turn his entire cast into your basic Iggy Pop wannabe indie rocker plaguing the music scene today. If he didn’t, then I’m sure we’d all have major trouble piecing these movies together into one major epic saga. Never mind that “Episode I” took place about ten years before it needed to in the Star Wars saga, bearing little significance at all on the rest of the films – haircuts will save the day.

Hearing this, we couldn’t help but imagine how things we’re looking around the “Episode III” set, so we put together this idea of what George and his army of hairdressers may have in store for our viewing pleasure come summer of 2005.

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