By Admin | April 17, 2003

It’s three years later and it’s time once again for a bunch of Star Wars die-hards to line-up on Hollywood Boulevard for six weeks, just to have George Lucas kick them in the a*s. I know, Attack of the Clones wasn’t all that bad, and it was certainly much better than The Phantom Menace, but if you wait in line six weeks for something and that something ends up being Attack of the Clones, then that’s a kick in the a*s.
When last we met, Dennis Przywara’s Starwoids gave us a look at what it was like to wait six weeks in line to see The Phantom Menace, while also lifting the lid on the insanity surrounding the film’s release, allowing viewers to get a massive whiff of the fandom fumes. Smelled like Wookie.
Now, we have Michael Rotman’s “Star Wait,” and surprisingly there’s quite a bit of difference between the two films. The geekiness remains the same, but where Starwoids provided a look at Star Wars fandom in general, with its MAIN focus on the line, “Star Wait” spends its ENTIRE focus on the line, creating something like a reality TV show, cut up into nine episodes to be broadcast on the web. We get close and personal with several members of this line as issues of hecklers, unwanted Christian rock bands playing into the wee-hours of the night, nerd lovin’, bad pay phone etiquette, trying to remain spoiler-free, potty time, and frayed nerves are dealt with.
Right now, let’s meet some of the line members:
Grimlock – This is one of the types of guys you come to expect to see standing in a six-week Star Wars line. He’s a big teddy bear type of guy, who rarely takes anything seriously (except for Star Wars, of course), has a sense of humor that revolves around movie trivia and makes an embarrassing a*s out of himself in front of the ladies. Oh yeah, he’s named after a Transformer, too.
Art – The muscle of the line. Art’s an anomaly in that he has a hot girlfriend and is able to defend himself against anyone that gives him s**t. During one episode, a group of punks (punk a***s really) make the mistake of harassing the line and find themselves incurring the wrath of Art.
Josh – The line’s resident punk rocker. Bearing a Mohawk, tattoos and various band t-shirts, Josh’s fashion sense inspires wariness in others rather than mocking laughter, unlike many of the other members of the line.
These are only a few of the many colorful members you’ll meet in “Star Wait.” It’s actually more entertaining than the film they’re all waiting to see.

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