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By Film Threat Staff | November 4, 2001

“Star Wars” parodies are nothing new. If you’ve seen films like Jar Jar Binks: The True Hollywood Story, Anakin Auditions, Star Geeks, P.A. Wars George Lucas in Love, you know that most of of them are loving fan tributes to all things Star Wars. Even something like The Turkish Star Wars is just innocent fun. But a new “Star Wars” parody film has hit the scene and no one at Lucasfilm is laughing this time. While legal action was only threatened when it came to the fan-made Phantom Edits, this time it looks like Lucas is going to the mattresses. This time, he means business. The film causing all the trouble is “Star Ballz,” a poorly made parody with limited animation. But Lucas feels he has good reason to go after the makers of “Star Ballz” — this parody is an X-rated animé.
Lucasfilm filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco on Friday claiming “Star Ballz” shamelessly rips off his “Star Wars” copyrights. The suit says “Star Ballz” is so similar to “Star Wars” that consumers could get the wrong impression and think Lucas endorsed the skin flick. Aside from the damage it could cause his good reputation, Lucasfilm goes on to say “Star Ballz” could also negatively impact the sales of “Star Wars”-related merchandise. The film is utter crap, so we don’t know why the Lucasfilm bunch is upset. We’re talking about Episode I. “Star Ballz” is also happens to be utter crap with amateur animation and voice acting that sounds like it was done by a bunch of 12 year-olds with a cheap tape recorder but that hasn’t swayed Lucas’ lawyers.
The makers of “Star Ballz” defend their handiwork. Linda Wildblood of Media Market Group says that “Star Ballz” is simply a parody of several movies and pop-culture phenomena, not just Lucas’ space opus, and is therefore protected under the First Amendment. “Just like Scary Movie is a spoof of horror movies, ‘Star Ballz’ parodies many different movies and themes,” Wildblood tells the Associated Press. “No one in their right mind could look at it and say this is ‘Star Wars.'”
The story of “Star Ballz” follows “Wank Solo,” who goes on a booty quest and comes to the rescue of a very h***y princess being held hostage by the evil A*s Star. Wank’s sidekick is named “Chewhowie,” described as “a Wookiee version of Howard Stern,” while Wank’s enemy is Lord Limpbiscuit, touted as a manly stud version of Darth Vader.
“Star Ballz” is really not worth the time and the lawsuit is only going to draw more attention to a completely dismissable movie. However, it is rather entertaining to see a blonde Princess Leia-looking animé character in compromising situations. Heck, not just compromising, you could call her Princess Laid-up!
Get a closer look at what set off Lucas and check out these “STAR BALLZ” PICTURES>>>

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    We just got back from 9/11 and this is what you retards are worried about?

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