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By Merle Bertrand | February 23, 2000

Does *69 even work? In the short period of time when I paid for this additional phone service option, I don’t think I once got through to the person who’d just called, (and even if I had, they probably had Caller ID, knew it was me, and wouldn’t answer anyway). For me, then, *69 was merely a nuisance. For the attractive woman (writer Maureen Cassidy) who misses a call in Erin Cassidy’s amusing “*69,” it completely sabotages her dating life. She punches in *69, only to get the caller’s answering machine (see what I mean?!) and, recognizing the caller’s voice, leaves a long rambling message. This so embarrasses her, that she foolishly decides to visit the caller in person with disastrous results. An endearing but amusingly nervous hyper-kinetic mess, Cassidy is “Cathy” without that comic strip character’s self-awareness. It’s no surprise, then, that she spends nearly all of this cute film trying to remove her foot from her mouth, enduring the kind of frustrating dating experience that might happen to her cartoon compatriot.

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