For a mockumentary to work it has to be believable on some level. If the filmmakers were going for that here, they failed. Parts of “Staar” are just too silly to be honest, though the overall package is pretty good.

Staar (Staar) is a woman we should already know. She has a burlesque show and is a mistress for the jet set. People like Jeffrey Tambor and Joel Silver have some great things to say about her, and moments of her act are highlighted, all of which makes this funny in some places and forgettable in others. At fifty-two minutes it gives you just enough time with the woman before you grow tired of her, so in that sense she leaves on a high note.

This film will most likely appeal to baby boomer females, apparently the target audience. They will find humor in it. Staar is a sexually aggressive woman who knows what she wants, knows how to get it, and makes no apologies for it. But since it isn’t real, most guys are going to find this pointless and turn to “Entourage” instead for their fantasy fix.

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