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By Admin | February 28, 2006

March 1 is St. David’s Day, celebrating the patron saint of Wales. As my heritage is traced to Wales, I want to send a big fat kiss to my fellow Welsh celebrants around the world — and urge all Wales-loving people to raise a pint to good ol’ St. David and us sons o’ fun from the Land of the Red Dragon (or Cymru, as we say in our vowel-challenged language).

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  1. Furious D says:

    Don’t forget that it’s also the birthplace of the longbow, “How Green Was My Valley,” the Great Slag Heap Disaster, and is currently ruled by Charles the Prince of Wales.


    When is St. Andrew’s Day? He’s the patron St. of Scotland, and I really should remember that being of Scottish/Irish descent. Somebody told me the date last St. Patrick’s day but for some reason I don’t remember it. Almost like something blocked my memory of that night… 😉

  2. Phil Hall says:


    You mean Wales, where the men are ruggedly handsome (Richard Burton, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, me), the women have great pipes (Shirley Bassey, Mary Hopkins, Charlotte Church), the poetry is sublime (Dylan Thomas, R.S. Thomas, me), and the living is easy (oh, that’s “Porgy and Bess” — which would’ve been set in Wales if Gershwin knew better).

  3. Furious D says:

    Wales, the land where gangs of tough sinewy men roam the hills and valleys, terrorizing people with their close harmony singing.

    Wales, where you need a gallon of phlegm to pronounce the place names. So never ask for directions without an umbrella.

    Copyright Infringement, where an annoying commenter rips off gags from the old Blackadder show to make fun of Wales.

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