Steven Spielberg will produce a mini-series event yet again for TNT called “The Talisman”. Spielberg had also prodcued “Into the West” for the channel. For those who are not familiar with the story. It is about a man named Jack Sawyer who must go through a strange land called “The Territories” so he can find this magical talisman so he can save his dying mother. The book was written in 1984 by Steven King…

You read the rest of the article here Scifiwire.com

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  1. anon YMUS says:

    STILL MORE run-of-the-mill techno-occult NWO predictive programming from
    franchise slum sellout Hollywood.

    MEANWHILE, as George Soros announces “RED China MUST OWN the New World Order”

    reports reach us that, no doubt funded by the globalist heavies, RED Chinese
    labs are not only managing VAST abortion programs —BUT are keeping some
    of them alive –“for experiments”…

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