Omaha, Nebraska rocks and Saddle Creek is here to prove it! Starting out as just a couple of guys passing around cassette tapes, Saddle Creek is now a highly regarded indie record label, home of such bands as The Faint, Bright Eyes, Cursive and many other of today’s hot acts. This documentary sheds some light on the Saddle Creek story as told by its founders and bands. And yes, there’s plenty of music from your favorite acts as well.

“Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek” is largely a talking heads interview documentary. Unless you’re a fan of the label’s bands or perhaps a musician yourself, you may find this very plainly told story…well…not boring, but…boring. However, if you are a fan, you have plenty of studio and live footage of your favorite bands doing their thing, footage that you may not be able to see elsewhere. And if you’re a musician, the story of this community of artists banding together to not only create their own scene, but to spread that scene across the country will be inspiring.

Saddle Creek, now that I know all about you, can I have a little kiss?

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