With summer here, FT attacks a different kind of movie. This one is around 4-5 minutes and takes place in a motion simulator “Turbo Ride” produced by IWERKS. Each theatre remains fixed while pairs of seats move and jerk in synchronization with what’s on the screen. IWERKS has been doing this for a while, so most theatres play several different films at intervals. Here is a selection we have road-tested for you.
[ DAYS OF THUNDER ] ^ I originally rode a much larger version of this at Paramount’s GREAT AMERICA theme park. It’s as inept as the real movie. When you’re in a similation ride, it would seem very important to stick to the first-person view of the action. Jump-cuts to other perspectives blow the whole experience. ^
[ ROBOCOP: THE RIDE ] ^ Join Robocop on his mission to save… ah, who cares. Two Words: SUCKS A*S. This is an early Turbo Ride that fails to produce any kind of “simulated” excitement. ^
[ ALIENS: RIDE AT THE SPEED OF FRIGHT ] ^ Despite the boasting, this has the production values of an average Charles Band film. It even looks like one since it features Jeffrey Coombs in a pre-ride segment. The big problem with this ride, is that you’re stuck in the Marines’ truck during all the action. Any exploitation of the “Aliens” franchise needs to be more tactile. ^

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