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By Jeremy Knox | October 11, 2007

I promised you all a review of INLAND EMPIRE that hasn’t come yet, and I just wanted to inform everyone that I wasn’t dilly dallying. Nope, I was waiting…

Waiting, for this:


What is it? Why… only the greatest thing imaginable!


I’ve been watching INLAND EMPIRE in my sleep, and once you wake up, you need coffee.

But not just any coffee. Nooooo… it wouldn’t do to just brew some crappy house blend from the corner store. No, this is much better.


It’s David Lynch’s Signature Cup Organic House Roast Coffee (Available for order on Lynch’s own website.):


Isn’t it the prettiest can you ever seen?


Let’s see Maxwell House detail their cans like this.


Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I know I know. I’ve insanely gone overboard when this was supposed to be a simple review. I’m fully aware of this facet of my personality, but come on! Admit that that’s a f*****g cool can of coffee. I thought I was gonna get like a lame little baggy of ground beans or something.

Now I only have one problem, I’m not too sure how to open it. The top either pops off or twists off, but it’s on there like glue and I don’t wanna bust the thing.

I think I may need a blue key.

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  1. don says:

    I love the link on Lynch’s site where you can click and he tells you the weather report each day. Classic Lynch!

  2. Jeremy Knox says:

    Sorry Oscar, you’re right. I should have mentionned where I got it. Here’s the URL: I also edited the blog to include a link in case other people want to buy some too.

  3. Oskar P. Einarsson says:

    Where do you buy it. Links, links, LIINKS!!!

  4. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    I bet that coffee tastes surreal.

  5. Don Lewis says:

    Dude, that’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to get some of that so a coffee review is expected as well. If you keep imbibing all this Lynch a bunny is going to pop out of your a*s…

  6. Michael Ferraro says:

    That’s the best can of coffee ever.

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