By Film Threat Staff | November 25, 2001

“We’ve been accused of spamming but we’re really not,” says Patrick Horne, director/producer of Speak-It! Films’ short “Harrison Bergeron.” “We’re asking Vonnegut fans to send only ONE email to each festival as a show of support and interest.” The Harrison Bergeron email write-in campaign is connecting film festivals directly with potential ticket sales and membership opportunities. Or that’s the theory anyway.
Speak-It! Films is using an old-fashioned approach with new technology. These types of of write-in campaigns have single-handedly saved shows like “Star Trek” and “America’s Most Wanted”. They’re hoping that the same type of campaign could work for a short film with commercial appeal like “Harrison Bergeron.” Kurt Vonnegut has had a well-established fan base that has been gaining momentum world-wide for over forty years. Speak-It! Films is trying to connect that fan base with film festivals.
“Vonnegut fans are fiercely loyal and hungry for anything ‘Vonnegut’ like ‘Harrison Bergeron,’” says Horne.
Speak-It! Films believes “Harrison Bergeron” can make that connection while generating revenue and notoriety for its film festival sponsors. “Our media campaign proves that we can back up our talk with action,” said Horne. “We hope that film festivals understand that we’re on their side and do not want to offend anybody.”
No word on whether Horne’s short “Harrison Bergeron” has been accepted into any film festivals or the effectiveness of the e-mail campaign.
For more info, visit the Harrison Bergeron web site. Just think carefully about giving them your e-mail address.
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