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By Tom Meek | May 17, 1999

Former New Kid on the Block, Donnie Walhberg is credibly redemptive and sympathetic as Danny Quinn, a fallen son who returns home to the tough hood of Boston known as “Southie” in order to patch together his deteriorating family structure. His mother (played with grit by Anne Meara) is assailed with coronary stress, his brother can’t hold a job and has a mounting gambling habit, and his sister (Rose McGowan showing she can act) is a hard drinking alcoholic. To make matters worse, Quinn’s buddies are into the local mob faction for setting up an “after-hours” nightclub and a turf war looms in the air. Tragedy and conflict absurdly overflow in each scene. The acting is admirable and the film’s hip, on-the-street feel is enticing, it’s just too bad that this Irish “Goodfellas” hangs itself with a plot that’s contrived and one dimensional.

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