If you feel like your holiday spending cash is making its way into the hands of others a little faster than you’d like, then “Sore Losers” is an indie action/drama that will hit home. Just in time for Christmas (the film opens on [ December 25th, 2000 ] ) this reality-based feature explores the very secret and very dark underworld of Chicago’s gambling scene. Say the filmmakers:
[ “You’ll enter a world of violence and deceit that destroys everything in its path, as gambling, betting and booking lead to a roller coaster of lies, greed and murder.” ]
While “Sore Losers” is obviously far from warm n’ fuzzy family fare, it just might help you vent some of that seasonal angst. The official film site, a sleek affair with scene stills, a contact form, and more, also houses the “Sore Losers” trailer. Place your bets and then head over to [ the “Sore Losers” site. ]

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