By admin | January 19, 2007

If you hang out at the Yarrow (where I’m at now, waiting for my next screening, writing reviews, etc) and keep your ears open, you’d be amazed at what you’d hear about films at the fest. I’m talking distributors flat out praising buzz films and then all admitting that there’s no way anyone would pick them up. If I’m a Sundance filmmaker, I’d be sitting in the Yarrow, pretending to type on the computer and instead just listening to almost every conversation because you could find out right quick if your film is going to get picked up, who’s interested, all that nonsense.

I’m still wearing the eagle hat, because we’re still awesome.

Sally arrived today, and is out rocking a screening right now, Zack is waiting for his next screening next to me (he’s got one the same time as me, but across the hall) and Jamie and Jeremy are in theater too. Gore? I know he’s alive, I just talked to him on the phone, and that madman is everywhere this weekend, G4-style (haven’t had the opportunity to attack Main St with him yet, as normal tradition dictates). Do I miss him and insanity hurricane that surrounds him when in Park City? Yeah, I do…

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  1. Gigi says:

    Hey, Chicks have been eavesdropping for years. Sometimes it is a valuable attribute! And talent… 🙂

    Has anyone ran into Judex?

  2. Don Lewis says:

    About the only thing I miss from not being there this year is hanging out with you guys…and we only did that like, once last year. I’m over Sundance. Bring on SXSW!!!

  3. The more of these I read, the more times I cry.

    I miss Matt Dillon.

  4. Yarrow rocks! I’m working relief projection in both screening rooms… and it’s waaaay different than the rest of the venues!

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