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By Eric Campos | February 14, 2002

This sounds like something the Cacophony Society would pull off. “Something About Stiller” goes to show that even practical jokes can make it into film festivals. Although, it does help that the joke involves a couple of celebrities.
A guy posing as a Ben Stiller-obsessed wheelchair-bound retard, gets wheeled into a bookstore where Janeane Garofalo and Ben Stiller are signing copies of their new book. Fortunately for our pranksters, both Garofolo and Stiller can be seen sitting at their table on the second store of the floor all the way from the end of the line at the first floor. This perfect positioning of our players allows the guy in the wheelchair to do his best Oscar winning retard act as he waves his arms and calls loudly for Stiller with stuff like, “I love you Ben Stiller!” The guy’s so loud and obnoxious that Stiller and Garofalo can’t help but turn around and wave, probably in the hopes of shutting this guy up.
After more waving and yelling and the on camera confession that his reason for loving Ben Stiller is that he thinks he looks and smells like Curious George, the guy finally reaches the table and the look on the faces of Stiller and Garofalo are absolutely priceless. Grinning like…well, like you would picture Curious George grinning if he didn’t know what to do with himself. They sign the book, the guy gets his hand shook by his hero and he’s wheeled away.
The punchline of the joke comes when the guy re-enters the store without his wheelchair and totally normal. Jumping up and down, he screams up at the two celebrities. And if you think the look on their faces was funny the first time around…well, I guess you can only imagine.

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