By Heather Wadowski | September 16, 2002

The Rock may be the most popular wrestling face (or good guy) ever. And he is probably one of ten people that could have gotten me to see The Mummy Returns since I despised the original 1999 Mummy so much. And why not? Besides being surprisingly well-mannered, buff and attractive, his fanbase almost resembles the fanbase of Star Wars. His shirts sell like hotcakes, his toys fly off of Toys R Us store shelves and his name is chanted wherever he goes, even when he travels to exotic locales like Morocco.

While working on the set of The Mummy Returns in Morocco, The Rock wasn’t the least bit surprised to be welcomed by chants of “Rocky! Rocky!” The modest WWF superstar says he expects that wherever a group of excited fans may be. Although his popularity took his Mummy Returns costars by surprise. What did catch the Rock by surprise was getting sick while shooting his first feature film. He didn’t let that stop him from making a good impression on Universal Pictures though.

I caught up with The Rock on one of his few days away from the wrestling ring (and now a Universal Soundstage), he was more than happy to talk about his first experiences as a film star– as well as the effect his newly found success away from the ring will have on The Rock within the WWF.

Want to smell what the Rock is cooking? Get the interview in part two of SOLID: AN INTERVIEW WITH THE ROCK>>>

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