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By Heather Wadowski | September 16, 2002

With The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King almost happening back to back, do you find yourself wanting to leave the wrestling world behind? After all, it is extremely dangerous.
I have a passion for the industry and the WWF, as well as a passion for film. I will juggle and try to maintain both for as long as I possibly can. You get pounded on every night so physically it is draining and demanding, but I will always be a part of the WWF.

With The Mummy Returns you just had to leave the WWF for a couple weeks, but with The Scorpion King you were forced to leave for a few months. How did Vince McMahon handle the news of you starring in your own film, especially since your recent absence has left a huge void amongst the WWF faces?
I think that Vince is so aware of everything that is going on, he gets the business. The WWF machine generates publicity all the time, but he is well aware that the Rock is going and doing his thing, but that I am driven like he is driven. At the end of the day he wants what is best for the Rock and what is best for the company, and I think at the end of the day when the question of opportunity arises we’ll take advantage of it.

Do you do any of The Rock’s moves in The Mummy Returns?
No, but I will always take care of the Rock’s fans. In The Scorpion King there is a scene where I am in the middle of a harem of beautiful women and I say, ‘Ladies, now is not a good time.’ One of the girl’s says, ‘I can show you a good time’ and I look into the camera and go — (people’s eyebrow).

Now that you have seen The Mummy Returns in its entirety, how do you feel about the film?
I was amazed throughout the film and the end just blew me away. It was awesome.

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