Whoah! Looks like I just downloaded the 80s. Kinda. Following in the grand footsteps of movies like “Big Man on Campus” and “Just One of the Guys”, sumthin’ funny is going on at school and the audience gets to reap the rewards while the college students have to put up with all the wacky hijinks. In “So, You’ve Downloaded a Demon”, dim-witted candidate for school body president, who has a crush on an extremely gorgeous gothic girl, ends up downloading a demon from the Internet that takes over his body. Man, talk about wacky fuckin’ hijinks. The possibilities are endless. Too bad that the film doesn’t come close to exploring even half of these possibilities.

Yeah, the concept of downloading a demon into your body is ridiculous, even downright stupid, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Treat the material as such and there won’t be any problems, the audience knows you have a sense of humor about the whole thing and they’ll laugh along with you. And this is the case during the first half of “So, I’ve Downloaded a Demon” as this would-be school body president tromps around campus with what sounds like Viggo, the scourge of Carpathia, bouncing around inside him. The fun is underway as he harasses his fellow students and freaks out his friends. But just as things start to get really entertaining, the movie then starts to take itself a little too seriously.


Yep. Things go downhill as the friends of the possessed run about town in an attempt to free him of this evil while he, for the most part, is sedated. So, the one main source of potential comedy is kept down and out of the picture for much of the last half of this film, which explains how it takes such a serious turn so quickly and the ridiculous nature of the story becomes too much to handle.

“So, You’ve Downloaded a Demon” has a lot of promise right out of the gate. It has able on-camera talent and an idea behind it that has all the makings of a classic college comedy, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the filmmakers’ focus.

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