By Chris Gore | January 23, 2000

This sweet indie romantic comedy follows two high school sweethearts through the trials and tribulations of somehow learning to master adulthood. James falls in love with the girl next door Sarah. She’s a bit quirky as she refuses to watch the endings of movies wishing that each film she sees somehow continues on just like life – to view the ending would ruin that fictional universe. Yep, she’s a handful allright. After becoming distant in college, James goes to “open-mike therapy” to try and get over his love troubles. His mother, played hysterically by Bernadette Peters, is at the root of a lot of his issues with women. Now James decides he must get the girl of his dreams back at any cost. Can you guess the ending?
Interestingly, this film was made by the directing, acting, writing and producing team of Adam (director) and Kipp (writer, producer, lead actor) Marcus who struggled relentlessly to get it made. Kipp appealed to movie studios to get their short-ends (unused film) at a cheap price to have enough film to shoot in 35mm. Director Adam Marcus is a veteran of cheesy horror movies like Jason Goes to Hell and this is his first big foray into an indie film. The result is an admirable one.

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