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By Mark Bell | May 30, 2007

“Dance Man”
Directed by Adam Stein
Hilarious, inventive, well-acted AND shot. Strong short to start the episode with, definitely set a high bar as far as creativity goes.

“Deliver Me”
Directed by Carolina Zorilla De San Martin
Is this a cell phone ad? Did a Verizon plant make this one? Got the joke, but sadly it was poorly executed and not funny.

“Spaced Out”
Directed by Andrew Hunt
Not into puke humor, but this was funny. Just the idea of a cop being mocked by drunk space puppets had me. Not my favorite of the night, but definitely in my top five.

“Wack Alley Cab”
Directed by Kenny Luby
Didn’t succeed on any level that I could remotely discern. Was it a short? A fake advertisement? A trailer? WHAT!?!

“Bus #1”
Directed by Hilary Graham
Save the bus driver, just poorly acted. Also shot in such a superficially outside way that it didn’t feel like you were on the bus, which in a short where you’re stuck in a small space for a long time would’ve been a claustrophobic-style plus. Maybe if she was more over-the-top with needing to pee? Caused more disruption? Didn’t dig it.

“The Big Bad Heist”
Directed by Marty Martin
The challenge was to make a one minute short, not a one minute trailer so, out of hand, Marty failed. On top of that, even with the inclusion of ninjas, not funny.

“Lucky Penny”
Directed by Will Bigham
Visually a very simple concept, obviously you get the joke immediately and, as the judges pointed out, very silent film-esque. A solid effort. Not anything mind-blowing, but not bad so… you get the idea, between this and the way he pitched in the prequel episodes, that he’s going to be skewing towards the cartoony.

“…To Screw in a Lightbulb”
Directed by Jessica Brillhart
Um… yeah, didn’t get this in the least. How many whats does it take to screw in the lightbulb? Cereal rocks? Procrastination breeds multiple personalities? Just a poor idea altogether. Jessica did play the “Girl Power!” card and she might get votes based on that more than her short.

Directed by Mateen Kemet
Peer pressure is bad. It can make you steal from your grandmother. My question is, if that wasn’t his grandmother, would he have finished robbing her? Funny, or sad? Unfortunately also not anything mind-blowing.

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