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By Daniel Bernardi | July 24, 2005

Do you ever get angry when you are at the movies and people around you are chatting, kicking your chair and letting their cell phones go off? With a passion! Well so does the cinema loving nerd from this sinister little comedy who takes his movie going experience seriously and turns crazy when other people around him are a constant distraction and becomes inspired by the serial killer on the big screen.

Quirky and rings true completely. I think this is a great short for any avid movie goer to see in order to take some imaginary satisfaction at watching those types of annoying and rude people get their ultimate payback. The concept was simple but executed in the best possible way and this film will be understood on a world scale because irritating movie patrons that go into the theatre to ruin it for zealous movie goers is a universal hatred. A great performance from Justin Batchelor.

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