Coming this summer…
First it was a joke….
Then, it became a reality….
Then, everyone though it was a joke again…
Then, we saw pictures…
We knew it wasn’t a joke…
Now as the dawn of a new era in filmmaking approaches, the world has gone crazy for….”Snakes on a Plane!”

Seriously. They really have. After word leaked out there was an actual film called “Snakes on a Plane,” people leapt on the title faster than a celebrity sex tape. Now the internet buzz on the film has grown so strong, the film has shot additional footage to make the film strike from PG-13 to an R rating! New footage includes more gore, nudity and kill scenes as well as a line created by internet fans for Samuel Jackson to say. Apparently so many fans wanted to hear Jackson utter “I want these mother f*****g snakes off the mother f*****g plane” the studio has added that line and filmed Jackson saying it. So, what’s this movie about anyway?

Read all about it at Reuters>>>

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