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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | July 10, 2007

Upon further inspection, I examined some aspects of the site that possibly, and this is just possibly, lead to clues to our monster or monsters origins.

  1. Eggs or objects similar to eggs are prevalent on the website. The contents look like floating eggs or discs.
  2. The slusho splashing looks an awful lot like water.
  3. There are immediate appearances of a fish and frog that signals the possibility of this monster being water based and possibly amphibious/reptillian. This evidence is also supported by our two cartoon characters swimming in water. Water based monsters seem the strong possibility.
  4. “You can’t Drink Just Six”? Mark Bell noted this slogan. Possibly the six plays a key? Note the 6 in the bottom next to Japanese lettering. What’s the Japanese lettering telling us? Let me know if you can.
  5. I sent an e-mail. Still awaiting a response.
  6. Could this creature originate from Japan? Or an Asian region?
  7. The “Slusho! History” page explains the “tale” of a young girl experimenting with a formula for a magic product, making heavy notes of the words Whale, and how Noriko set off to the sea to find the magic ingredient. There are also mentions of a magic deep sea formula, and how this ingredient turned our character from a small fish to a mighty whale.
  8. The fact that the “Slusho! History” speaks of two characters transforming into large sea beasts adds credence to the two monsters theory.
  9. Look for pictures, graphics, and symbols as possible clues. Perhaps this is just another dead end for me. But I’m drawing theories, nonetheless.
  10. Many have claimed an indistinct silhouette of the monster can be seen in the trailer. Wild imaginations, maybe? Or something to look for?
  11. The very strong theory at this juncture is that the monster is Cthulhu.
  12. Abrams alludes that clues to the movie, and possibly hidden websites are located in the trailer. The analysis continues…

Are there truths to the rumors that the monster resembles Godzilla in a major way?

Many speculate this is a re-invention of Godzilla, but that seems far off.

Don Lewis suspects a hybrid of Godzilla and The Host.

It’s only been a under a week since “Transformers,” and the news is flooding in from all over the wire. It will be impossible to keep up with, but I can’t stop it.

Fill me in if I’m missing something. We may be able to crack this egg.

Time will tell…

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  1. vlad says:

    k look on youtube for cloverfield monster and there is a picture of a huge mutated whale with a bunch a legs and on it there are human sized lice like crabs.

  2. ady says:

    you do realize if is a legit site, that it say “There is more than one.”

  3. Rob Wyatt says:

    Check the Myspace. Capricorn is the Zodiac Sign for the slushozoom page, the user is known as “Parasite”.

    Check Capricorn on Wikipedia.

    It reads: This constellation is one of the oldest to have been identified, possibly the oldest, despite its dimness.

    Since it falls in an area of the sky known as the sea, it became considered a sea-goat (in the same sense as a sea-maiden). Depictions of a goat or goat-fish have been found on Babylonian tablets dating back three thousand years.

    Also, on the Myspace, the large version of the picture Reads:

    “Hopefully this message reaches you in time.

    The beast in the pic…

    Ture left for your planet twen.

    we have sent our greatest defender.”

    Also, on the slusho zoom page, highlight the Important dates that are coming.

    It reads: “ITS COMING – Two Dates that will change the World
    Links are updated. Answers.


    “earth” is hidden.

    Next, im going to Post phrases copied from each site link on the slushozoom page.

    Creation Link Text:What happens when a person has something different, such as:

    Too many or too few chromosomes?
    Missing pieces of chromosomes?
    Mixed up pieces of chromosomes?

    Colossus link text:Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

    With conquering limbs astride from land to land
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

    A mighty woman

    the imprisoned lightning

    Mother of Exiles

    Glows world-wide.

    Bath site text: wikipedia on Texas. The state’s name derives from táyshaÊ”, a word in the Caddoan language of the Hasinai, which means “friends” or “allies”. Texas is internationally known for its energy and aeronautics industries,The state is home to the most Fortune 500 companies and has the second-largest economy in the U.S.[

    SPECIAL NOTE. The Texas Medical Center in Houston contains the world’s largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions.[10]

    Coney Island Text: Nothing here, just Bazooka Info. Think Military fighting this giant thing.

    Geisha with fan link: link to IMDB site on old japanese flick about this..

    READ THIS:An experimental lab animal called a gargantua escapes from his captors and is suspected to be the creature that is killing people all over the countryside. But when the gargantua from the lab appears at the same time as the evil gargantua, the two begin to battle across Japan.

    Statue link text: Link to Wikipedia about willie Nelson album. Red Headed Stranger is about a fugitive preacher, on the run from the law after killing his wife.

    Statue of liberty link text: link to IMDB site, with this text in plot description

    When trucker Jack Burton agreed to take his friend Wang Chi to pick up his fiancee at the airport, he never expected to get involved in a supernatural battle between good and evil.

    Cloverfield picture. Painting of a large woman with clovers in her hair, feet, and hands, standing on black ground, with 3 red roofed houses behind her.


    All of these sites have “Key Phrases” in the first few paragraphs of the links.

    Judging from the myspace, I think some kind of monster comes from the Capricorn constellation, or that region in space to conquer earth.

    Something develops in a texas research lab, resulting in a mutation.

    this phrase form the slusho zoom site: “There is more than one” leads me to believe there is more than 1 monster.

    the links about the battle between good and evil lead me to think that this Sea-goat comes to attack, and we develop a response to it, in some kind of mutation based sea virus.

    the willie nelson link tells us that someone is on the run for killing someone close to him/her, possibly a scientist with an experiment of some sort?

    Interprit this as you will, but i think im on to something here.

  4. Jeff says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this or not but maybe you are over thinking this a bit.

    I noticed that if you go to the distribution opportunities the orange flavored robot has the oven mit, the blueberry robot has the hammer inside him and the monkey is holding the cheese. Hmmm i thinking that if you combine the flavors properly something may happen. not sure how the monkey with the cheese fits in though.

  5. PostmasterGeneral says:

    and Ian I did notice the “on the crab six times” statement in happy talk, but I can’t figure out what the hell to do with that. You see the crab only two times. Once, on the distribution page where all the characters are present (and on this page he’s swinging on a rope so it’s hard to click on him). And the second time is on the history page where you are able to click on him and his expressions change. but I don’t know what to do with this.

  6. PostmasterGeneral says:

    “You cant drink just six” is an anagram for “A toxic industry’s junk.” Hah. Interesting.

  7. Ian. says:

    Also, if you look at the poster and look at the angle the scratches are at on the statue of liberty, and the side of the building on the left side of the clearing, you could possibly make the assumption that it was dragged back into the city, which could support the two monster theory.

  8. Ian. says:

    While ive sat and read all 63 replies and ideas about cloverfield several of my own ideas have came to my head.

    then i got to the very last reply number 63, i got the roar sound also. It was the same noise the “monster” makes in the teaser trailor that was attached to transformers.

    also, did anyone notice one of the happy talk statements is “on the crab 6 times”?

  9. Disk says:

    I had the sites 1-18-08,, slushozoom, and this up, and out of nowhere I heard an explosion out of my speakers just like in cloverfield. Possible clue?

  10. Monter_Luv says:

    there is a good chance that directors/Producers/Writers are using message boards to get ideas for the movie. I think he’s just pulled that trailer out of his butt and is getting plot ideas for the movie from you guys.
    I mean the same guy that was behind the lost is behind the movie, and we all know he starts out fine but falls short after he gets far enough into the story. In all honesty I don’t think there are any clues just random crap thrown together to get ideas from people. But thats just my take on it.

  11. J. Eash says:

    One of the quotes in the “happy talk” section of is “Bloop!”

  12. Mray says:

    The Slusho itself cannot be relied on as a clue, The slusho thing has existed for a long time, since JJ’s previous films. They may just be using the slusho as a cover to get the clues out. And the monster appears to come from space, as noted in the Huge explosion, The slusho zoom website looks like it was updated, and has a reference to prima, which you should look up, it has to do with statistic anylising. On the bath link on Slusho zoom it says that the “bath fund is closed due to”, and then there a pic of a blown up car… Seems interestingly noticeable

  13. Milkman says:

    Just look type up “bloop” on google search. Read the wikipedia entry and search out the “clues” there.

  14. Loveydovey says:

    I serached soe of the clues from Slusho,the Hammer,so I found Hammer Film Productions.they made 6 films in 1966,two were of dinosaurs.I searched Cheese,got kitsch,or thing. Searched blue oven mitt,found Orca Silicon Oven mitt,withstands high temperatures. I feel there is definately a large monster in this film,that can withstand high temperatures. the possiblity of eggs mutating in people is interesting.On the 11808 site,look closely at the pic with Rob drinking,thats not a glass at his mouth,looks like the guy’s hand is mutating.,and Rob’s eye is black.

  15. slums says:

    i think the magic ingredient in the slusho’s is monster eggs. the monster destroying everything will be the mother.

  16. Weasel says:

    I don’t know if any of you have looked at the coding for the home page of yet but it says this in the coding:

    “Slusho, water, zoom, happy, power, fish, donkey, frog”

    i could try to throw out some wild accusations of what this could mean but i’m going to let you guys decide.

    Also a friend pointed out to me that he found something about the roar from the trailer sounded alot like the “bloop”.

    the sound that is recorded is at 16x but if you slow it down is sound ALOT like the roar from the trailer.

    One last thing, is anyone besides myself having trouble accessing i was on it moments ago but i accidently closed it and when i tryed accessing it again it took me to the paramont pictures website. The site might be down for a quick update or maintenance, but i find it weird that it did that all of a sudden.

  17. TT says:

    oops sorry meant destroyed building on right

  18. TT says:

    not sure if anyone has noticed this yet but in the movie poster if you look in the gap between the large destroyed building on the left and the building next to it i think you can see the monster

  19. Jack H says:

    Has anyone stated that Noriko Yoshida could be the mule on the Slusho site thinking of the mitt? It leaves to never be seen again like she did in the story.

    One more thing, I found this on Wiki: The term “mule” (Latin mulus) was formerly applied to the offspring of any two creatures of different species – in modern usage, a “hybrid”.


  20. Josh says:

    im just throwing ideas out now….. i dont remember what i was reading on here.. oh yah i saw this on another site too…. on the poster it shows smoke in the city… a trail in the water… and the claw in the statue of liberty…. three different monsters?? as in the three monsters that are linked together that would make since… ziz, leviathan, and behemoth… for those of you who dont know.. look them up… ziz is hard to find pictures of and stuff…. but if you go to and scroll down a little to where it says meaning as a subtitle.. you will notice a picture.. a painting of all three… b,l,z…. so… behemoth… the big ball of fire in the city…. leviathan that big trail in the water…. ziz what throws the statues head…. ummm… what else… three roars in the movie… all have a different sound…. theres alot of emphasis on the number 3 throughout the trailer… ummm what else… i dont know im just throwin out random ideas…. look those three monsters up for more info that could relate to what i have said and why i have said… i dont want to explain

  21. Josh says:

    so i read up to number 17 on here… he said theres a picture… and early i did some research… ok this will be sorta long… i dont know if it has anything to do with this cause the creature in it seems odd for a movie… but things related to it may help….
    1. one of the pictures says 1868…. i looked at the properties of the picture and it was titled demonsfly…
    2. i went to yahoo and typed in 1868 demons fly the first was a thing on ancient japanese monsters and stuff… if you scroll down a little bit and i saw a picture.. of “the long necked demon” or Rokurokubi
    3. so i havent checked anything out on that i’ll leave that up to you guys…. umm well thats whay i found.. i saw number 17 on here… so i checked the trailer.. i saw the picture on the wall and i can barely see it… but it reminds me of the painting of the long necked demon on there….. someone do some research on that… im tired of it haha

  22. Casca says:

    Oh, one more thing that I just recently checked.

    Shaking the pictures back and forth on flips them over. On two of them are personal messages for the main character.

    If you’ll direct your attention to the smudged letters you’ll notice that it forms:

    “s care” and “and w” I’ll keep hunting for more clues and keep you all posted on what I find.

  23. Tyson! says:

    Also, for a split second, when the sushi guy is talking, the camera pans slightly to the left to reveal two photos of… by the looks of it, males.

  24. Tyson! says:

    I cant help but notice, but in the trailer, when they rush in-Just when the flaming piece of whatever hits the side of the building, it illuminates the wall to reveal graffitti that says:

  25. Casca says:


    I’m about as stumped as you all are about certain things. Emailing the guy at nets the same reply every time; something about drinking more Slusho.

    As to Slushozoom, I really don’t think it’s got anything to do with this ‘cept for the fact that it might be someone putting their opinion up in website form. I mean, Abrams stated that this was not going to be a remake and Entertainment Weekly published an article about it and revealed that it wasn’t going to be a parasite or Voltron.

    The chances of this fella’ turning into some sort of Slusho! monster are slim to none. If you think about it, why would they keep selling it to people if it mutates them? We have to look at this logically.

    1. If it’s not a remake, that gets rid of Godzilla, Gamera, and lots of the other Japanese monsters.

    2. We can safely assume the monster originated somewhere in the Pacific. It’s likely that the secret ingredient for Slusho came from the monster itself.

    3. There’s no denying what’s on the frat paddle. Kappa is a japanese monster and I can’t recall many Kappa films, so it’s a possibility. Furthermore, there’s a reference to Mu…That points to Cthulu.

    4. Cthulu is still a candidate. Though Lovecraftian novels usually deal with the aforementioned impending doom, this is how many years after the fact? I think we’ve been spared long enough from our impending doom and it’s high time Cthulu gave us a vicious beating.

  26. Todd says:

    I very much doubt the monster in the movie is Cthulu. Knowing what we know about the movie (widespread, graphic destruction) it does not keep with the lovecraftian style which focuses on impending doom, and horrific truths realized, and evils beyond description. Although…For those of you that have read The Call of Cthulu you will know that the story is laid out and presented as a study of three seperate manuscripts the narrator has come upon in his somewhat obsessive research into a theorized “cult of Cthulu”.

    Both stories are presented with a certain level of realism. The hand-held camera filming in Cloverfield lends much more authenticity to the scenes just as lovecrafts clever research paper/diary device adds authenticity to an otherwise outrageous story.

    Another reason the monster could not be Cthulu; how are they going to explain it throughout the course of the movie? Cthulu is an undead god from realms beyond earth and space. Without establishing this somehow in the hectic pelmel hour? of filming it is simply a huge tentacly creature.

    Cthulu slumbers but will one day awaken and lay waste to the city of men. As with all lovecraftian tales the punchline is IMPENDING DOOM. The manuscript style of the stories is a definite link and a more basic generalized creature inspired by the Cthulu description is a very real possibility. NOT Cthulu though!

  27. Aaron says:

    I’ve seen quotes surface like “Are you one of us?” and a spoof of Soylent Green; “Slusho is people!!!”

  28. Brock says:

    if you look on wikipedia, mudkips eat slushos and in the background, you hear the exact sound of a mudkip, and mudkips come out of water! and the producer’s bio he said ” my favorite pokemon is a mudkip.” And if you see in the background of 130, you see the shape of a mudkip.

  29. Fladi says:

    I’ve watched the trailer at 1:30 but did not see a dinosaur-shaped head. Could someone point out where to look?

  30. daguy says:

    if u do a wikipedia search on Gamera it says he fed on “slusho” in his showa era movies???

  31. ben says:

    umm on the poster it appears to be three seperate “trails”
    1. the claws on top of the statue of liberty
    2. a path in the water
    3. the smoke in the city
    just thought it was interesting…

  32. Dargan says:

    Nvm this just tells you new flavours added lol

  33. Dargan says:

    On the site under flavours anyone tried a load of different combos to see the out come? Also theres a single star blinky in the top left corner, why only have this one doing it? Possible star constelations and this is the origin of the monster?

  34. Dan says:

    yeah, but if that drink turned him into a monster and it’s being sold all over the world woulen’t evryone who drinks it turn into a monster as well?

  35. fahrenheit says:

    if you notice in the history and happy talk section there are a lot of references to whales.

    in the history section the little girl says she was called the little whale

    in the happy talk there are quotes like “am i a whale?”
    another one said “thanks for turning me into a whale, keep up the good work”

    there was a youtube video examining the roar of the monster, and he matched it to the moan of a whale (no joke, i think the website was

    not to mention one of the animals on the website is a mini-whale

  36. tae says:

    sometimes its not making things too complicated but just exulting every option

  37. Samurai-Saint says:

    Guys you are still making this to complicated.

    All the links are to simple elements in the movie. Like the military, or using a bazooka in the movie. The Gargantua is an experiment gone awry. The Statue of liberty is destroyed in the film. The movie is made by WB. The experiment causes a genetic disorder turning the guy into slusho.

    etc etc etc.. They have basically laid the whole plot out in plain English. It is simply not that confusing unless you are trying to make it more complicated than it really is

  38. David says:

    there’s two links on the bottom of the slushozoom page…

    “.” leads to the old video article about the cocaine energy drink

    “..” leads to a pharmacy-ish site…thingy

    what’s weird is this too… if you highlight the whole page (ctrl+a) it’s written like this:

    T. .. I


  39. David says:

    I just started looking around today…caught onto the slusho connection…found the slushozoom site (that says January 18, 2008 in the title)…but now i’m confused…

    there’s the pictures…and one isn’t hyperlinked…i checked the title in [properties] and its called “cloverfield”. so on a whim, i tried to see the properties of the others…

    [photo of Venus] > birth > linked to a genetics disorder site

    [colossus] > big-art > linked to a site about the poem on the statue of liberty

    [hot bath sign] > 25cents > linked to a second slushozoom page

    [guy with a boner looking at the hot blonde posing] (laughs) > art2 > linked to wikipedia bazooka page

    [geisha with fan] > secret > linked to imdb page about an old japanese movie

    [angel with 1868 badge statue] > demonsfly > linked to warner bros tour page

    [statue of liberty] > ladyinwaiting > linked to cia kids page of cheese

    [unknown art] > cloverfield > no link

    [slusho logo] > slusho6 > linked to original slusho site

    on the other page:

    [burning jeep] > nyc-str1 > no link

    the hidden text does say…”Knowing Art by Name is not as important as knowing art by site.”

    and me? still confused…

  40. Caboose says:

    i think weve all ralized that its a metaphor.

  41. Samurai-Saint says:

    oh and its obviously in a dormant state when its icy cold and under pressure but comes to life when it gets inside a warm living person/animal.

  42. Samurai-Saint says:

    Guys this is easy.

    They lay out the basic plot in simple english. The scientist son of a drink inventor gone missing finds a “secret ingredient” at the bottom of the ocean that he uses to create a new drink in honor of his missing Mom.

    The “secret ingredient” is actually a parasite of some kind that mutates the guy into “slusho” some kind of hybrid man undersea goop freak.

    They are not talking about a real whale, horse or fish. The tiny fish into whale is talking about the transforming effect the stuff has on the son and he becomes the parasite monster slusho.


  43. Caboose says:

    go to slushozoom you can highlight unseen text.

    In the beginning, there was more than one to inherit the wind.


    The sea is the womb.

    One overcame the other.

    Extinct does not always mean dead


    The meek shall not inherit the earth.

    Did the past ever exist, if there is no proof?

    Knowing Art by Name is not as important as knowing art by site.

    All is not as it appears.

    also, if you click the statue of liberty! it takes you to a chef website. Slusho History tells us of a person that expreiments with different flavors

    click the japaneese woman witht he fan and you see a movie about a creature named Gargantuan that is in japan. has a giant picture of a fish.

    if you emailed the site they told you this:
    Bring out the Bazzoookaa’s – You only get one shot!

    Please don’t stand there..


    on slushozoom there is a link to a wikipedia page on bazookaas…

    go here: highlighting the text tells you “not all things are as they appear”

    on slushozoom there are also links to antibiotics sites, sites talking about genetic dissorders, a news site

    idk if ANY of that links to cloverfield, but ive got a hunch

  44. kain says:

    go to send a message to the e-mail on there.

  45. AngryOcean says: has been updated as of 7/27/07. Pretty odd stuff.

  46. carl says:

    Just as an interesting note the dude from yellowcard appears at the party as a bartender

  47. geri says:

    geeeezus!!! THIS IS MAKIN ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Psyburn2974 says:

    Has anyone here figured out the meaning of the cups at the bottom of

    Set of cups on the left – Space between 1st two cups; 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th cups grouped together with the 4th cups being in the forground full of slusho; 6th, 7th and 8th cups grouped together; space between 8th and 9th cup with the 9th being offset towards the back.

    Set of cups on the right – 1st four cups could be seend two different ways [the 4 cups are grouped together with cups 2 and 4 in front of 1 and 3, or 1 and 2 are grouped together with 2 in front and, 3 and 4 are grouped together with 4 being in front (the second scenario being because it looks like maybe some space between 1 and 3)].

    One thing it does seem though is to corresond with the 163 in the teaser (NY1 63 degrees). What do you think?

  49. Kyle says:

    Also, at 28 seconds into the trailer, it shows the clock above the door, and it says that the time is 11:15, or around that. Possible clue.

  50. whiskeypunch says:

    – advance to slusho shellgame
    – right-click & select Flash Zoom In option
    – drill down 5 levels
    – its in the japanese chars / links in footer
    – more can be seen in characters in lower nav when not on HOME

  51. fred ER says:

    when they’re watching the news, as the camera turns you can see a picture on the wall. this looks a very Chinese or Japanese style painting/drawing, (a bit similar to the slusho cartoons??) i think it points to an oriental monster.

  52. Ward says:

    I was just looking around, and an Anagram of Slusho is Uh Sols. or, UH Sols. type that into google, and you get something about UH scientists who are studing the birth of the SOLar system, and how martian meteorites may hold the clue, or something like that.

  53. nickflamel says:

    Alright so, I figured I’d play around with an anagram engine to see what I could come up with since someone mentioned it. When you’re on the history page, the character on the right says “Slusho Zoom” when you highlight over him. When I typed that phrase into the anagram engine one of the phrases spit out was “Slosh Mu Zoo.” Now, this could be a long stretch but someone mentioned Mu, from the frat paddle and said that it’s a giant underwater creature. Then Good Time Bobby pointed out the creature Kappa who supposedly has a cavity on his had that contains a mysterious fluid.

    So I hopped on over to and looked up slosh and came up with these two things, the 2nd being the most relevant.

    1. to splash or move through water, mud, or slush.
    2. (of a liquid) to move about actively within a container.

    Like I said, it’s a limb, but it also might be something worth taking a look at.

  54. jb says:

    i really wana say there is infomantion on that fridge.. i cant make anything out right now on this Macbook but i am willing to go 1080 on my pc monitor when i get home to find out its all of 46 in lcd ide hope to make it out on that.. there is a sticker on the door side and at the top of the box that looks as if i says something and there is a word or statement that is in red crayon maybe that is kinda hidden my magnets.. could be something as well.

  55. mike says:

    guys i googled the oven mitt and the cheese and i found two sites : one is :
    and the other is

    point to think about?
    though i cant see nothing connecting those two sites they are legit….

  56. Good Time Bobby says:

    I just wanted to point out that it was a great observation about the greek characters on the fraternity paddle- and add to it if I could. a “Kappa” is also a creature from japanese myth, it is described as “a river goblin, a hairy creature with the body of a tortoise, scaly limbs.. his head resembles that of an ape.” His head also has a cavity on top that is said to contain a mysterious fluid, which is the source of his power. could that fluid be the secret ingredient in Slusho? The Kappa is described as having the characteristics of a vampire and in my Japanese Myth book (written by F. Hadland Davis) there is a mention of a Kappa emerging from a river and taking a horse in his mouth and thrashing around with it- there is also a horse cartoon galloping along the bottom of the Slusho history page. just something to think about…

  57. Kyle says:

    I did some research on swiss cheese since it shoes up above the fishes head in a thought bubble. According to wikipedia there is a Swiss Cheese Model which is used in risk analysis and risk management of human systems.

    “In the Swiss Cheese model, individual weaknesses are modelled as holes in slices of swiss cheese. They represent the imperfections in individual safeguards or defences, which in the real world rarely approach the ideal of being completely proof against failure.”

  58. Joe says:

    this sounds like rampage people driking somthing then turning into giant beasts also I saw the dinosaur head to it may be liz from rampage

  59. Paul says:

    If you watch the trailer, at 1:30 I’m almost positive between the two builds as the head of the statue of liberty is being thrown you can see a head moving around. It sort of like dinosaur-like. Although I doubt it’s a dinosaur

  60. Kiuk says:

    The japanese says something along the lines of “You can’t have 6 cup fulls”

    Something like that.

  61. Hector says:

    I was checking the blog, you know, ethan was wrong, and then i read another blog called Stay Undergrund. It says “I am Ethan Haas and i’m spreading misinformation” and something else like “The Mayor of New York City knows”… Hope we’ll figure something up before aug 1.

  62. DarklordFTom says:

    Note, in the trailer scene during the party for Rob, there is a fraternity pledge paddle hanging on the wall for the fictional fraternity AKM, (Alpha Kappa Mu). (However, there is an honor society for AKM). Anyway, Mu is the legendary lost sunken continent. (Kind of like Atlantis). Mu was identifed as Lumeria by Robert Wilson in his Illuminati Trilogy. Also, Mu has been linked at times linked to giant undersea creatures, giant robots, etc. Also, according to Lovecraft, the denizens of Mu worshipped Cthulhu amongst countless other Elder Gods.

  63. DarklordFTom says:

    Note, January 18th is the birthday of Robert Anton Wilson (born 1932), (who died earlier this year), and who has incorporated the Cthulhu Mythos in his own writings.

  64. Felix says:

    I tried my damndest to uncover that one.

    Eight cups on one side, 2 filled on one side. Seems like stretching for me, so I wrote it off, but damn it means something!

  65. Jack says:

    Also at the bottom there are 4 cups filled with the drink. And 13 empty cups a clue? I think so.

  66. Kyle says:

    When in the History section if you hover over the girl the bubble comes up over her head and says “Fresh for you!” now if you take that and put it into an anagram generator it comes up with “Shore Of Fury!”.

    I could be wrong but this may further hint that its a sea monster of some sort.

  67. Recka says:

    yah can anyone elaborate on the cheese/ oven mitt thing????

  68. 1334 says:

    I just email Slusho with Im Happy in the subject line and got this back a few seconds later
    Subject: [Auto-Reply] I’m Happy

    Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can’t Drink Just Six!!!

    i also notice when you look at the history part of the webpage the fish when clicked on shows a thing of cheese and the horse an oven mitt? Does this have anything to do? Seems like a key to a puzzle
    Let me know what you think.
    And to the Ethan Haas thing Wait to The 1st of Aug

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