By Brian Bertoldo | November 1, 1999

A seemingly normal guy goes about his daily routine, only to awaken each night and sleepwalk to a local bar to rendezvous with a fellow sleepwalker.
Our lead character starts and ends each day the same. He gets up each day, makes some toast, drinks his coffee and is off to the bus stop for another day of work. When he arrives home, he eats his frozen dinner and prepares his lunch for the next day. Normal, mundane stuff until our lead falls asleep. It appears that each night, at 1am, he follows an equally exact but very different routine. He sleepwalks out of the house, down to a local bar where he meets up with a female sleepwalker. Both wearing sunglasses and dressed in their pajamas, they enjoy dancing and drinks together before heading home to their regular daytime lives. Unaware of their meeting the night before, the two meet again at the bus top on their way to work. In a moment of realization their eyes fix on one another and the mystery of their nocturnal behavior is solved.
An interesting examination of two very different realities, Sleepwalker reveals that each of us share fantasies beyond our everyday work-a-day lives. What happens when those lives come together is what Sleepwalker is all about.

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