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By Eric Campos | May 18, 2005

Porn addiction. Now there’s a great theme for a horror flick. Nothing like a movie that makes people feel insecure about their own personal lives and being that there are plenty of porn addicts out there, a movie such as this would be speaking to a very wide audience. Such is the case with “Slaughter Disc” where a man’s desire to tug on his crank to porn 24/7 ultimately seals his doom. Damn! Now that’s a horror movie! But there’s something weird going on here – this movie is that very thing we’re supposed to be afraid of. “Slaughter Disc” is porn!

Yup, you read that right. And just imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch a horror film and got porn instead. Man, if this were fifteen years ago, my prayers would have been answered. Even now, a surprise porn encounter is never a bad thing, but, the only reason I sat through this entire thing was so I could write this review. Anyone else is going to either turn this off because they wanted an actual movie, not a porno, or they’re going to blow their load and then turn it off and be done with it. Either way, that’s people turning this movie off before it’s even half finished. Doesn’t sound like a very good idea, does it?

Just so you know what it’s all about, here’s the rundown. Porn addict Mike pays a visit to his local smut peddler when a magazine cover catches his eye. On the cover is the alluring Andromeda Strange (played by adult film star Caroline Pierce). Mike purchases the mag and takes it back home for further review when he discovers her website address where he’s able to purchase one of her f**k flicks. Upon receiving the DVD, Mike hastily pops it into his player and thus begins the porn – for Mike and for us. The first scene introduces us to the gothic temptress Andromeda Strange who supplies us with a strip tease and masturbation session that altogether lasts over 15 minutes long. The only we break we get from it is during a few shots of Mike jamming his hand down the front of his pants. And finally, the whole scene wraps up with a razor blade bloodbath as Andromeda slashes her own throat open. And so, Mike’s dull existence continues until he’s ready for a little more Andromeda who now looks a little more demonic. And we’re treated to a 10 minute BJ scene culminating in Andromeda killing her tied-up male victim. Hmmm…this is some weird porno. We then get more of what it’s like to be Mike before he sits down once again for more Andromeda who now looks even more like a demon. This time, her bound victim is a buddy of his that recently went missing. And so this time we get a full 10 minute f**k scene ending in the splattery death of Mike’s buddy. More than a little concerned about his friend turned snuff film star, Mike begins his search for him, but not long after, guess who comes looking for Mike.

So yeah, there are genuine horror aspects to this film during the last half hour, but up to that point, it’s pretty much just sex with blood. Some may chalk this up as bad storytelling, but others will realize this movie for what it is and that is PORN! Plain and simple, this is porn disguised as a horror movie. Ten, fifteen minute long sex scenes? That’s porno time we’re talking about here. Nobody is going to sit still for a ten minute b*****b sequence during a horror movie and think, “Hmm, this is very interesting.” With the inclusion of these lengthy sex scenes, the filmmakers are telling us that they were more concerned with making a porno than they were making a horror movie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with porn, but if you’re making porn, call it as such. You’ll find people will be way more receptive.

On the other hand, with an overhaul, I think that “Slaughter Disc” could be a cool little cutting edge genre buster. But in the form that it now exists, this experiment isn’t cutting edge, it’s not pushing boundaries, it’s not daring or shocking, it’s just a bad move.

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