This year’s SlamDunk Film Festival will pitch its tent in Festival Town U.S.A. (that’s Park City) from [ January 22nd to the 27th, 2001 ] for yet another year of madness, fun, parties, and, of course, loads of films. The Park City event epicenter will be at [ Harry O’s, ] which is located at 427 Main Street.
SlamDunk isn’t just an average fest — they’re a roving film event that sets up in Park City, Cannes, and Toronto every year to run simultaneously with the world’s largest film gatherings. And they’re the proud group who debuted the hotly debated documentary “Kurt and Courtney” a year back. The Festival is also well-known for their guest speakers, which have included heavyweights like directors Allison Anders and Doug Liman.
SlamDunk is now accepting your features, shorts, and film fodder, which can be submitted through use of their [ online application. ] Or, if you prefer snail mail, write to:
SlamDunk Film Festival ^ 202 Main Street Suite 14 ^ Venice, Ca. 90291 ^ (310) 399-3358
For all entry deadlines and specifications, go to [ the official SlamDunk website. ]

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